Q-32: Vicki Dixon

Q-32 is the story of a young woman who becomes a victim of foul play and is enslaved in an ideological nightmare over which she has no control. It's a struggle between good and evil, the individual and the collective, between sanity and madness, and her survival in these circumstances, which include horrible things and sci-fi stuff.

It's set in a mythical comic land against a futuristic political background. It uses edgy adult themes with satirical comedy overtones and is created in a sort-of film noire genre comic style. It's very different to mainstream comics. It's written for mature audiences, who enjoy whimsical, light black humor!




Original Plotagon test graphic

Q-32 came from the crazy pulp fiction imagination of Max Wilson back in 2019, when he was toying with Plotagon Studio, a 3D cartoon animation program. At that time, this website had only just started and Max wanted some quick site fillers for content. Plotagon Studio was perfect for that and so our corny cartoon series, Candy Toons was created.

Max wanted to explore other possibilities with the program and found it was fun and easy to create all sorts of wild, interesting and bizarre cartoons with it. One such effort resulted in the graphic you see here, a screen shot taken from an MP4 cartoon originally titled "The Experiment", which became the basis of our Q-32 story of today.

Readers familiar with Q-32 #1 may recognize the similarity of the cartoon scene, pictured, and the same scene below in the comic. The dialogue of the cartoon was also adopted, but changed greatly to suit the new comic format and developed into a more engrossing story with more depth and action; something the cartoon program couldn't do because of its inherent limitations and lack of extensability.


Mid 2020 a new door opened for Max Wilson Productions. We discovered a 3D graphics and animation program that had enormous scope and scale, and even better, it was free!

This new open door is called DAZ Studio. The program has almost unlimited potential and is highly recommended by us for anyone who wants to play around with virtual 3D stuff. Its only limitation is the grunt of your computer. You need a seriously powerful CPU to handle its full capabilities. You also need some patience and persistence to cope with its initially very steep learning curve. But it's a great program.

Evaluating potential products, which we could create in DAZ Studio led to several possible options. The ones that came to us naturally were art prints and comics/graphic novels. At the time we wanted to make a full length cartoon movie and with DAZ Studio, animation with lip sync is possible, but in our case we saw that production times would be extremely long, years, to achieve a complex, full length feature and again, at that time, we wanted something we could launch and market reasonably quickly. We needed cashflow! So Q-32, the comic got born.

Scene from the comic



Vicki Dixon hands on hips, aggressive

The publication and release of 'Q‑32 #1' on Kindle is only just the start. The concept, plot and characters have enormous potential we're going to develop. Q-32 is a long haul project. The good thing about comics/books is that once done, they stay done and they don't wear out. They can become dated by fashion or style, but good stories and scripts are long term investments that pay dividends for sometimes centuries. That's the view we take on Q-32 and we'll be working on it for many years to come.

Originally, we intended to make Q-32 a graphic novel and we will eventually when all the episodes are complete. Then we decided to release parts of it in serial fashion to test the product, establish a following and pull some money while we work on the rest. There'll be about 10 episodes in total and at our present rate of production, that's going to take a couple of years.

Work on "Q-32 #2, The Professor" has already commenced and is Now In Production. The basic early development of the plot was set in the Plotagon cartoon and is still being followed, but with greater depth in the characters and more action. We anticipate the publication of "Q-32 #2, The Professor" to be about August this year. But don't worry. You won't have to wait that long. We've decided to release the work-in-progress to Fan Members as we go, like a serialized comic strip on a fortnightly basis.



Vicki floating in space

The future of Q-32 is unlimited. And so too are the diabolical, evil and horrible places and situations that we can put Vicki Dixon in, and will! The scope of the Q-32 comic and Vicki's misadventures are as big as the Universe. Who knows what mad plots might emerge from Max Wilson's crazy brain to challenge Vicki's courage, fortitude and outstanding talents?

That's the great thing about comics, you can let your imagination run wild. Anything and everything can happen and probably will. At least it will if we think we can get a few laughs out of it without destroying our character's dignity too much. We always try to leave our characters with their dignity in the end, unless they're villains.

We'd like to think that the adventures will go on for a long time to come. We've only just started and there's so much scope in the characters, the plot and the medium.

The long term future is still a long way off, but we're hoping there will eventually be an animated cartoon movie, or better, a feature movie with human actors and actresses. That may seem like a fantasy now, but it's not beyond Max Wilson's wild imagination, so it might just happen.



Max Wilson portrait

Max Wilson has a dedicated personal connect with historical and current world politics, so his creations are similarly flavored. Astute readers and followers will no doubt perceive Max Wilson's political opinions underscoring the entire framework of Q‑32. We're not going to tell you what that is. See if you can figure it out.

From previous experience, we've learned that weaving politics into a plot can be fraught with hazard from the point of view that politics have a nasty habit of moving along rapidly leaving the story stale and out of date. In fact we'd already trashed a 60% completed animated cartoon movie that had been in production for years, because it focused on a certain world political situation, which changed dramatically. We've learned our lesson. We don't do that anymore. But we do use political nuances that haven't changed since humans emerged from the swamp. Some animals are still there in the swamp. Good guys and bad guys are still the same as they always have been and probably always will be.



Q: Is Q-32 political?

A: Yeah, a bit. But we try to be all inclusive and unbiased, we go out of our way to try to offend everyone equally.