Q-32 #1


If you haven't read "Q‑32 #1", then stuff on this page may give you too much information and take away some of the surprises leading to disappointment when you read it. Please proceed at your own peril. You have been warned!


Q-32 #1 COVER

Q-32 #1 Cover


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Emma Johanson: "Thousands of young girls go missing every year and nobody ever finds out what happens to them. We know because we're the ones taking them."

Q‑32 is the story of a young woman who becomes a victim of foul play and is enslaved in an ideological nightmare over which she has no control. It's a struggle between good and evil, the individual and the collective, between sanity and madness, and her survival in these circumstances, which include horrible things and sci-fi stuff.

It is set in a mythical comic land against a futuristic political background. It uses edgy adult themes with satirical comedy overtones and is created in a sort-of film noire genre comic style. It's very different to mainstream comics. It's written for mature audiences, who enjoy whimsical, light black humor!



Q-32 is a horror, sci‑fi, adventure, romance, thriller comic, released in episodes, with satirical overtones set in a futuristic political climate. Created in a retro pop art, film noir sort-of style.

It is not a literary masterpiece, it's a comic. It's made for fun and that's how we approached the project. This being the first product of its kind that we've ever done, we've had a lot of fun creating it while at the same time meeting new challenges using new, to us, technology.

Q‑32 will be released in episodes in serial fashion, although we think that the characters might have more mileage in them than that, so sequels and spin-off publications are a reality.

Because the comic is released in episodes, we can't cover all horror, sci‑fi, adventure, romance and thriller goals in each and every episode. "Q‑32 #1" establishes characters and basic plot, but does not encompass all our goals in just one episode. Later episodes will.



OK, we're not about to do a spoiler and give away the plot. That would destroy the suspense and drama. The images and information on this page are giving away too much already, but we like to share our art with people to get feedback and obviously to promote our end product. It also allows you, our fans to get a glimpse of production and a preview of what to expect.

That's about all we want to tell you for now.



Q-32 is created in a digital 3D environment, rendered in 2D with post production in Adobe Photoshop, assembled in Macromedia Flash, transferred to Kindle Comic Creator for final production and output as a Kindle device publication. It will also be available in other digital formats for other devices, however at this time we're weighing our options to publish in print format. The graphics quality required would be very expensive to publish, but we are considering Amazon's option to go paperback. It will mean a lot of reformatting. Considering for the future maybe.

The main 3D creation platform is DAZ Studio, which has an enormous amount of creative possibilities, and which we are only just starting to come to terms with. DAZ is a free software application with a large following and is an exciting product. So far all our characters, sets, wardrobe and makeup have been created in‑house or purchased off‑the‑shelf from DAZ. We may move into creating in other 3D software applications in time. The technology is vast and improving constantly. It's very exciting. We strongly recommend that you download DAZ Studio (free) and have a play around with it yourself. It has a steep learning curve and a multitude of features you might never use, but there are simple tutorials and forums to get you started quickly. One limitation is that it requires a fair bit of computer grunt to render graphics, so it's not really suitable for small mobile devices.



Production of "Q-32 #1" commenced in early July, 2020 and was not completed, published and released until mid February 2021. In the end there were 84 pages, 133 individual illustrations and about 7,700 words. The time span was a lot more than expected, but there was a lot of learning and new technology being explored. We work faster now.



A scene from the comic


A scene from the comic


A scene from the comic


A scene from the comic


A scene from the comic


A scene from the comic


A scene from the comic


A scene from the comic