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"The Adventures of Candy" is a series of short animated 3D cartoons about, well, Candy. Quick and cheeky, fast and corny, politically incorrect, blonde mini-toons created in Plotagon Studio software just for fun. They're easy to make and are good site fillers. Cartoons feature our character Candy in perplexing 21st Century situations.

Candy is a typical modern girl adventuring through life as a fluffy air‑headed blonde with a lot of sass and not enough savvy. She's a good girl at heart, but she manages to come unstuck a lot. It's not her fault, it's ours. The series is posted on YouTube. Click the images below to open an episode.

NOTE: Cartoons contain mild adult themes and occasional course language.



This set of three episodes covers Candy's naive experiences encountering modern day people of "diversity". The cartoons make more sense if the three are watched in sequence because they have a common core of development, which the viewer will hopefully find amusing.


Candy, Episode 3 screenshot

"Dinner For Two", stars Candy and introduces Glenda, a work colleague. Glenda arranges an after work Friday night dinner for Candy and herself at a restaurant, which is a favorite eating place of the people who work at Candy's office.

Candy and Glenda get to know each other better, including surprises. [2:23]


Candy, Episode 5 screenshot

"Dinner For Two (2)", stars Candy and introduces Rod, who works with Candy. Candy arranges a Friday night dinner for the two of them, hoping for a romantic relationship to blossom.

Will Rod, Candy's latest crush, be her future loving husband? Candy has high hopes. [2:41]


Candy, Episode 9 screenshot

"Dinner For Two (3)", stars Candy and introduces Steve, a work colleague. They go to the usual local restaurant for a social Friday night dinner after work.

Candy suffers a déjà vu moment which catches Steve unawares, leading to complications. [3:01]



Candy's journey to work isn't always what she'd like. She meets an assortment of people who aren't always to her liking. Minor aggravations in a world with aggravations. Sometimes Candy finds issue with people in daily life and gets things out of perspective.


Candy, Episode 2 screenshot

"Bustop", stars Candy and introduces Daphne, who starts a conversation with Candy at the bustop one morning. Candy is not in a particularly good mood. She rarely is, going to work each day. Things start to go downhill from there.

People shouldn't mess with Candy first thing in the morning until she's had plenty of coffee. [1:52]


Candy, Episode 8 screenshot

"Coffee", stars Candy and introduces Rocky, a barista at the local diner where she stops off this morning to buy a coffee on her way to work.

Already, Candy isn't in a good mood this morning and neither is Rocky. What could possibly go wrong? [4:03]



This set of three cartoons finds Candy at odds with the people around her during her morning break. She seems to have no trouble in achieving this. She wonders why other people don't see everything the same way as she does.


Candy, Episode 1 screenshot

"Morning Break", stars Candy and introduces Monica, who is Candy's supervisor at the office. In this morning break Candy seems troubled and Monica, being a kind, understanding woman, investigates why.

Candy often has problems that other people rarely care about. She's a deep thinker and tries to find reason and justice inside her own confused blonde world. [2:06]


Candy, Episode 7 screenshot

"Morning Break (2)", stars Candy and introduces Susan, who works in the accounts department. During their morning break in the cafeteria they discuss women's issues.

Susan gives Candy insights into her opinions about men and feminism. [2:38]


Candy, Episode 12 screenshot

"Morning Break (3)", stars Candy and introduces Pamela, a sales representative for the company where Candy works.

Candy and Pamela discover their attitudes toward life have certain differences, which they discuss with some spirit. [4:43]



Candy always entertains ideas of promotion and improving herself. She also hopes to meet and marry the man of her dreams. Could the boss of her own company be the man she's looking for? Both promotion and marital bliss all in the one man.


Candy, Episode 10 screenshot

"Candy And The Boss", stars Candy and introduces Roger as Mr Huckenberger, the CEO of the corporation where Candy works.

One night after Candy works late at the office, Mr Huckenberger gives her a lift home in his limousine - sort of.

This episode is Part 1 of 2. It continues in Episode 11. [3:51]


Candy, Episode 11 screenshot

"Candy And The Boss", is a continuation from the previous episode.

Candy expects to get fired, but Mr Huckenberger has different ideas. Candy is shocked when unexpected things develop. [6:56]

This episode is Part 2 of 2. It continues on from Episode 10.