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"The Adventures of Candy" is a series of short animated 3D cartoons about, well – Candy. Quick and cheeky, fast and corny, politically incorrect, blonde mini-toons created in Plotagon Studio software just for fun. They're easy to make and are good site fillers. Cartoons feature our character Candy in situations with mild adult themes and occasional coarse language.

Candy is a typical modern girl adventuring through life as a fluffy air‑headed blonde with a lot of sass and not enough savvy. She's a good girl at heart, but she manages to come unstuck a lot. It's not her fault, it's our's. The series is posted on YouTube. Click the images below to open an episode.

The episodes use ongoing themes and make a bit more sense if viewed generally in sequence.

Episode 3 – "Dinner For Two"

Episode 4 – "Moths"

Episode 5 – "Dinner For Two (2)"

Episode 6 – "Girl's Night Out"

Episode 7 – "Morning Break (2)"

Episode 8 – "Coffee"

Episode 9 – "Dinner For Two (3)"

Episode 10 – "Candy And The Boss, Part 1"

Episode 11 – "Candy And The Boss, Part 2"

Episode 12 – "Morning Break (3)