WORLD REVIEW — June 2019


All quiet on the global misogyny front – so far. Maybe this is what world peace looks like. Nothing significant has become obvious as a major event worth Max Wilson Productions reviewing this month. Just scraps and pieces. Oh well...

Maybe something might turn up before the end of the month. In the meantime, here's some snippets below to get things moving. We'll add more as the month goes by.




Rabid man-hating feminist lesbian Julie Bindel (was pictured right) was recently saved by "three burly security guards" from receiving an alleged possible punch at a feminist hate-fest event at Edinburgh University, Scotland. The sex of the security guards was not specified in press reports, but it is assumed that the burly trio were most probably men. If they had not been men, we wouldn't have heard the end of a whooped-up story of brave empowered super-girlies. Although giving grateful thanks to the security guards for her escape from her perceived imminent death, it's more than likely that she probably wasn't too happy about having been saved by men (who had, sshhhh, don't mention it, penises). But the entire thing is hilariously ironic.

If you're not familiar with Bindel's feelings toward men, here are a couple of her quotes: "All men are rapists and should be put in prison then shot"; and "I would actually put them (men) all in some kind of camp..." Charming woman. One who, you may be triggered into thinking, might deserve the odd punch or two.

So, this fundamentally non-event would most likely have slipped under our radar if it hadn't been for her call to arms to progressives through the pages of the Quillette website: "It’s Time for Progressives to Protect Women Instead of Pronouns". This fiasco, a storm in a teacup, was about intersectional feminism. Radical leso's versus antagonised trannies. It's pure comedy. No one was even remotely hurt, but this gave Julie Bindel ammunition to cry victim. The funniest part of it was a commenter, a woman with a fabulous sense of humour, who in the Quillette comments section of the article expressed the scenario as being "handbags at dawn".

Anyway, the humour of this is the main point. I encourage readers to open the Comments Section of this article, which drew a record number, over 500, for Quillette articles. It's interesting to note that instead of outrage and a knicker-bunching hissy-fit of support, as was probably hoped for by Bindel, at least 85% of commenters saw it as the joke that it really was and called it as such. Do read the Quillette comments, top value.



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Max Wilson Twitter logo Sheesh! Max Wilson in an attempt to gain traction in the web-o-sphere and promote this site has resorted to going to the one place he vowed he would never go – Twitter!

So what did he learn? The following are his comments about the experience.

"For a start, never go there. It's bigger and uglier than the entire World Wide Web. You've got less chance of being found there than simply being on the Internet."

"It's like a mad woman's breakfast. It's totally illogical, the layout is insane, comments (tweets) by users are mostly unintelligable, no one seems to enter into discussion, it's all about the twit, who can't spell, expressing opinions which don't appear to have any purpose or meaning whatsoever. It's a madhouse."

"The first thing you discover by looking around is that it's a vile putrid hangout for hate, anger and rage. Everybody's angry. Few people exchange pleasantries. If you ever make the mistake of doing so, then you become some sort of weirdo that everyone else stays far away from. If you express an opinion contrary to the popular hate and outrage, you are then set upon by angry swarms of the twit's followers, so there's no point in expressing any point of view ever. If you're nice, you're ignored. If you're noncompliant you get attacked. The sewer of the Internet."

"The main demographic is females with smartphones. This is not surprising. It's a vivid demonstration of what's going on in women's heads. Total chaos. It's better to stand back and look at women as objects, like in art, than to enter the insane arena of their inner thinking, if thinking is in any way applicable to what goes on in those pretty heads as expressed by their tweets. In a few words, don't go there. It's not a place for stoic, logical, rational men."

"Having said all of the above, was the objective of the exercise achieved? Well, yes. We picked up a few more visitors and increased traffic flow slightly. Reconnaissance for future opportunities for triggering the right sorts of people for promotion when the time comes has been achieved too."

"Has it been worth the misery? I'll advise later, the picture is still murky with excrement."