WORLD REVIEW — February 2019



As a community service we feel that World Review needs to address women's issues because the main stream media is doing a terrible job. They don't define women as women any more. Of course defining women as women is a sexist thing to do and we being proudly sexist, are the appropriate people to do this.

Why some women have no fashion sense

We've observed for a long time now that many women have departed from their natural traditional roles and have become wayward. These women have strayed from the pretty, soft and graceful path of beautiful femininity and have embraced ugly toxic feminism – the Purple Blob - an ism that propagates the psychosis that men and women are equal.

But #NotAllWomen (maybe) are so gullible and some have remained faithful to themselves and their patriarchies. It's only women with extremely feeble minds who have been infected with the ridiculous notion of sexual equality. There are literally millions of women, about 30% at least of all western women, have been afflicted with the insanity called feminism and all exhibit the same psychosis; delusions about being equal to men. In fact so severe is the pathology in some cases, some women have delusions of grandeur, distorting reality into a concept of feminist supremacy. They believe they have capabilities that surpass men!

How women without style can get help

However, no one is helping these disturbed psychologically ill women. Western (leftist) governments endorse and promote the affliction. No one is helping. That's what this article is all about. We're attempting to help these lost women to become normally functioning, loving wives, daughters and mothers again and to dress properly for men's pleasure. Here we show graphic examples of ugly woke dress sense, with hints, so women and girls may understand their own problem, find the answer and heal themselves. So don't worry girls, we're here to help you, not to accuse. This article is for you. You men reading this article can help by ensuring that all females you know read this and help themselves.

Popular modern section to look woke for women.

This is stupid useless little writing that repeats the words that the big writing you're about to read, repeats to waste your time.


"This is stupid useless big writing that repeats the words that the preceding and following little writing also repeats, but looks really pretty for women and girls to waste their time reading"


This is stupid useless little writing that repeats the words that the big writing you just read, repeats again, to waste your time. Why do media organisations do this stupid thing? Women?

Women and girls read this

We researched this subject by using Google Images. We searched for "Woke Women's Fashion" and then "Sexy Women's Fashion" to evaluate what was on offer to the women of today. There were many images to choose from, but we selected ones that caught our eye and stood out strongly as obvious examples. These are the images displayed below. Girls, see if you can work out which ones are woke and which ones are sexy. We don't think it's too hard, but for you girls who are severely feminist infected, we'll give you a clue, (hint) the top row of images are the woke ones. Study them carefully and try to observe similarities that define the lack of style and ugliness. The lower row of images are the beautiful sexy ones.

Note: We had to mask the girls' faces to protect their identity and not get sued.

How to recognise woke fashion

The first thing you might notice is that the woke fashions look like old bits of rag that have been dragged around the street. Perhaps that's because the girls wearing them do drag themselves around the street attending protests and women's marches and being roughed up by stupid Antifa warriors, who can't read the word 'WOKE' or don't know they're not supposed to rough-house woke girls. You'll also notice that the girls wearing them look the same - bored, dull, moronic. That's a clue. Also notice that they have a uniform appearance of drabness, lacking elegance, individuality and color, so everyone looks equal. Equally ugly. You'll also notice that woke fashion tends to cover up a lot of skin and for reasons unknown they have a tendency to display words on them. Pay attention girls, this is the bad woke look!

Woke fashion is bad fashion. It's not suitable for women and girls.




How to recognise sexy fashion

Take a good look at the sexy fashion girls in the lower row of images, that's a clue. Study the images carefully. These girls know how to dress and display themselves for men. Notice that their fashion choices bare a lot of skin, especially in the breast, leg and back/buttock areas. Note also that they pose their bodies elegantly, displaying and occasionally revealing glimpses of their feminine attributes. These women wearing sexy fashion want to attract the attention of men, which works really well. Men like it and often respond with cat calling, wolf whistles, hoots and hollering. Sexy women like that and often respond by displaying pretty smiles, slow eyelash fluttering and furtive glances. Men like that and respond with... oh well, be careful with this feminine power because it can induce animal behaviour from some stupid men. Of course gentlemen will behave in an appropriately attentive manner and be kind and generous to the sexy woman giving her compliments, gifts and wealth. Women and girls absolutely love this, but surely everybody already knows that. It's hard-wired into the brains of females. Pay attention girls, this is the good sexy look!

Sexy fashion is good fashion. It is very suitable for women and girls.

Study the images above until you think you've got a comprehensive understanding of the differences. It might take some time depending upon how badly infected you are by toxic feminism. When you feel confident, proceed to the next step; take the test.


Take the test

Now girls, take the Woke vs Sexy Fashion Test, Click Here. And you men can try it too if you like. Pass mark is 70% but try to score better. (Aside: Let's hope the men pass, otherwise things are a lot worse than we thought).

And that's it. If you girls passed, then you're on the road to recovery. Just remember in future to put theory into practice, dress in a way that is attractive to men, act in a way that is subdued and lady-like, whilst presenting your sexy self and body for men's appreciation and pleasure. Move slowly and demurely. And don't forget to smile a bit – "you'll look a lot prettier that way".

Finally, if you try really hard, then one day you might look like the sexy girls in the pictures. (Aside: But it's probably going to be a serious uphill battle for lots of them!)