Movie screen shot of Fröken Fredenberg in class

Rape Kris: Zverige, Part 1

Our first animated movie, "Rape Kris: Zverige" (translated to English is Rape Crisis: Zweden) has now gone public at last. Or at least Part 1 is. Set at some time in the not too distant future, in the mythical nation of Zweden, the movie is a political satire focusing on a national rape crisis. Best described as a futuristic feminist rape comedy, and being a feminist comedy, chances are that nobody will laugh or find anything funny in it. In fact, probably, nobody will even like this movie. But hey, we're having fun making it and someone's got to take the long strides in the struggle for the renaissance of sexism and patriarchy.

Is the movie silly? Yes of course it is, but feminists will take it very seriously. Feminists always take everything very seriously. That's why we're making it.

Part 1 of the movie is provided here for test and evaluation. This first part kicks off the movie. There will be about six to eight parts in the final completed release version. This is just the beginning. It is a rough cut and will have some minor improvements, but not much, when the final completed movie is released. Total playing time is about 12 minutes, including titles and credits.

In this scene, Fröken Fredenburg, a minor character in the movie, provides us with a fractured fairytale history of events leading up to the futuristic rape crisis. The history is delivered by way of a visit to her gender studies class for girls, which, based on true facts, provides us with at least the basic essentials to understand the background of the story. Somewhere during production the factual basis got corrupted slightly, but the spirit of the thing gives the viewer some kind of a starting point and a lens to view the rest of the movie with some sort of perspective and anticipation.

Warning: The movie is Not Safe For Work (NSFW). It includes cartoon graphics of male genitalia. Don't watch if this might offend or is contrary to your cultural or religious customs!

Play the FLASH version — Requires a browser with Flash Player plug-in support and security permissions dependent on your personal browser settings.

A known bug, a flicker, ocurrs in the transition between the opening titles and the start of the main scene in some browsers. We're not sure why, but we are working on it.

Play the MP4 version — The mp4 version is hosted on YouTube. Clicking the button will open a new window and load the YouTube movie.

Note: You must have a YouTube account and sign in because the movie is Age Restricted.


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