In this section of the site, we'll show you developmental stuff that was/wasn't successful. We'll also present interesting or funny stuff that happens along the way.

Very early, first graphics style was very dark

We persisted with this style for a while until another style was developed which we adopted for the rest of the production. See sidebar for comparison.

Further into the story, same style

The style was promising, very sensual, but was too much like realistic photographs. Good in itself but not what we wanted. We wanted a more cartoony art style.

Again. The style itself wasn't too bad, but wasn't what we wanted


Lighting to achieve the new style didn't get a good background effect. So two graphics were created, one for the character and another for the background. They were then superimposed during post production in Photoshop.

Superimposed graphics achieved the correct ambience

Final post production with other graphics and tonal balancing

These graphics above are not the final graphics we used. They're early experiments trying to establish a technique for achieving a style that could be reused to create consistent graphics from the same scene.