Max Wilson is nobody important.

We can't show you his face because he's shy, reclusive and ugly. But we can paint a picture of him from the images you see below of the men whose work he admires most. He sort of looks like a mixture of all these guys, but nowhere near as good.


Buster Keaton Zero Mostel Phil Silvers & Diana Dors Gene Wilder Jack Nicholson

All photos ref — Wikimedia Commons


Max Wilson was born some time ago, somewhere. He had an abnormal childhood. He watched a lot of television and cartoons, read comics, technical magazines and Playboy. He used to read these under the desk in English, History and French classes. He failed French. The Science Master discovered one of his Playboy magazines. The magazine was confiscated and Max received six cuts of the cane across his fingers. He never got the magazine back. He discovered that he really liked girls, but he never got to meet any because he went to an all boys school.

Later he worked in advertising photography for a while where he enjoyed an environment of young scantily clad female models flitting about in dressing rooms and studios. He developed a fine appreciation of high quality fluff. He learned how to drink beer. Even later he went to an art school where he learned how to draw his favourite life objects – nude girls.

From this background of television, cartoons, comics, photography, art models, softcore porn and beer he developed a strong ethic of toxic masculinity, which he strives to refine and perfect daily. Taking from all these life experiences he created Max Wilson Productions and that's who Max Wilson is.



Not much.

But men have to do something besides drink beer, so Max made this entity for men to have fun looking at girls and sexist jokes, and stake a claim for toxic masculinity as an intersectional lifestyle class to be accepted and respected as being a part of the great woke global diversity community village thingy – an idea not previously considered by the over-privileged social justice warrior elites.

Oh yeah, sometimes we make animated cartoons and arty stuff.

But animation takes a long time and there's always a lot of beer to be finished off, so progress is slow. One day we hope to make some money out of it all. Yeah that'd be good.

And so that's what we do at Max Wilson Productions.



Very definitely. Our mission is to have fun and enjoy gals-n-gags. Apparently this is called misogyny (go figure). Max Wilson's personal mission is to set the highest standard for 'world's best practice' misogyny – which he defines as the love and respect of women and femininity. We also wish to assist in liberating all women from the bondage of corporate, educational, academic and feminist slavery and re-educate them to live happy healthy privileged lives of loving, caring for and entertaining us men and our children in our patriarchies.

That's the mission statement of Max Wilson Productions.


The primary function of this site is to display and market our products, of which there aren't any yet. They're a work in progress. When these become available they'll be locked up behind a paywall at the back of the site. Those products will have mild adult themes and nudity that we don't want kids looking at – simple. The front of the site, which you are viewing now, will remain free to user and provide content of general interest and entertainment for men. We've only just opened the site and there isn't much content at the moment but it will grow over time. We wanted to open the site now to establish a web presence and get a platform up and running so we can test and review our works in progress. Content will be updated on an irregular basis as fresh and interesting material becomes available.

Content is created and selected because we like it. The general tone is sexist humour and satire. Satire, according to Oxford Dictionaries is a noun: 'the use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues'. We are not political activists. We are political and we are active. But we're not political activists. We do however enjoy taking the gas out of those around us who like to big themselves with huff-n-puff in an attempt to bully others into compliance with their point of view. If we offend those sorts of people, good. No apologies. If you don't like our content, then leave now and don't come back. Freedom of choice. Freedom of speech.


The site is designed to be fluid. That is, it displays differently on various platforms to suit the user's screen format. That's the current philosophy in web design. That's a great idea, but frankly it doesn't really work out too well. Layout and presentation go all over the place. So, while this site is fluid by design, it looks and works best on a desktop, laptop or tablet with screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. We structure content on that basis. Good luck with anything else.


We respect copyright: other people's and our own. We endeavour to contact copyright holders of art and creative materials that we may wish to use or satirise wherever possible and we research resources for copyright ownership. We source a lot of material from the internet, but can't always identify who the genuine copyright owner is. Often material has been reproduced and is all over the web making identification of the genuine copyright holder nearly impossible.

For example, the Vargas pin-up on this screen turns up on nearly a hundred different web sites. So who is the copyright owner? Many sites display the image, even some on Ebay stores are being sold as paper prints and are showing copyright watermarks on the images displayed to prevent people from copying them and reprinting them. Work that out. Not everyone showing this image can be the legal owner of the copyright and they don't declare accreditation. It seems to us that there are a lot of false copyright claims and that copyright abuse on the internet is rampant.

Notwithstanding this flagrant abuse, we try to do the right thing, but we can't spend hours each day tracking down copyright owners. Sometimes we just assume that some works are in the public domain due to their proliferation on the internet. Some times we can locate the original source and where these are used for satirical works, where known, we do give accreditation to the original.

Our point is this: if you believe that we have used something for which you can prove legal copyright ownership or you believe that we have not made fair use of the work, then contact us and we'll discuss it with you or we'll take it down. We are not trying to rip anyone off. We are a law abiding oganization.